This is my kind of love, from the first time I laid eyes on you…

No-El Da Costa impresses with his latest single, a soulful pop track titled ‘Kind Of Love’ A very upbeat, happy track filled with delicate vocals provide a very pleasant experience. The beat is very simplistic and ‘poppy’ with rhythmic strings thrown in, couple this with the melodic and tight vocals from No-El Da Costa, it gives off a chill out summer vibe which we love whilst we long for the sun to return! Imagine, Pina Coladas on the beach with this soulful track in the background – gives us that summer feel.

The song comes across well mastered with the mix being hit right when it comes to instrumental sound and vocal sound being balanced throughout the duration of the 4 minute song.

We found ourselves singing along within a few plays with the melody and lyrics especially in the chorus being extremely catchy, give it a listen. I’m sure after one or two plays you too will be singing along “This is my kind of love”.

All in all, we are extremely impressed with this track from No-El Da Costa, a very talented singer/songwriter hailing from the UK.


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